Many people around the world face the problem of toe nail fungus and it’s some times very hard to cure this toe nail fungal infection. People who wear shoes during hot conditions are more affected by this problem and the other way you may get infected by this fungal infection is when you spend lot of time in damp ground exposing your feet to damp ground for long period of time.

To avoid this fungal infection you must air dry your shoes and sandals an stop using a same pair of shoes or sandals everyday. Make sure that your shoes or sandals are not very tight towards the toe end and this may weaken your toenails to get infected by this problem.

To get your nail fungus cure you may visit for many remedies and solutions to your nail fungus problem. There are many types of remedies for nail fungus problem like Vicks vaporub can be used to cure this problem. It’s bit of a surprise but it’s true that it helps cure the toe nail fungus.

You can also use tea tree oil to cure toenail fungus. It’s a proven method and many around the world acknowledge that tea tree oil cures toenail fungus. Tea tree oil is also a very good antiseptic naturally. These remedies sound simple but they are very effective toenail fungus treatment methods.