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Buying for the Baby

A lot of new parents are at a loss as to what they might and might not need when their new born baby arrives in their home. The first thing I would advise anybody to do is to organise a baby shower, or at least try to get an idea of what people are going to buy. You don’t have a baby shower so that you can get your friends to buy you as many cute baby clothes as possible – you do it so you know what you will have when the baby arrives and that way you don’t end up spending your precious money on something you will already have! I am a big believer in practicality when it comes to having a baby and the more you can plan out the better.

You will also want to have bought a pram and a car seat by the time you are 29 weeks pregnant. This should give you a nice little bit of leeway in case you have any early arrivals! Beyond these two essential things, a lot of the planning will depend on how you plan to raise the baby. Even if you are determined to breast feed, it is a good idea to have some new sterile baby bottles, just in case you have any problems in the early days, and you should also make sure that you have some new born baby milk in the house.

Just remember that a baby’s basic needs are food shelter and warmth. As long as you can give them all that you are halfway there.

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  • When thinking about sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS is usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, genital warts, caused by the highly contagious human papillomavirus (HPV), are contracted by roughly half of the sexually active population at some point in their lives. Fortunately an estimated 80% of these cases resolve with a genital warts treatment. For an unlucky few, though, HPV can cause cervical cancer. HPV has been found in nearly all cervical cancers worldwide, making it the most direct link between cause and effect, including that of smoking and lung cancer! The virus has also been found in the majority of anal cancers.

    Over 100 strains of HPV have been identified. Of those, the strains that trigger genital warts are 6, 11, 30, 42, 43, 44, 45, 51, 52, and 54, with 6 and 11 being the most common. HPV is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact, through oral, genital, or anal sex. The warts can be found on any of these places in small stalk-like clusters. In men, the penis or scrotum is typically the site of the warts. HPV is an insidious virus that can take decades to manifest symptoms. Even if the virus is latent with no symptomatology, it can still be spread.

    Risk factors for developing the virus include smoking, increased number of partners, poor nutrition, multiple births, and oral contraceptive use greater than 5 years. Those with immunocompromised states such as AIDS need to be especially careful as their immune systems cannot fight off any challenges. The probability of developing cervical cancer and/or anal cancer dramatically increases if the immune system is weakened.

    The number one way to prevent genital warts and HPV is sexual abstinence. Barring that, limiting the number of partners and/or being faithful decreases the likelihood of becoming infected. Smokers need to quit tobacco in all forms as smokers risk for cervical cancer is significantly heightened. They are also four times more likely to get anal cancer related to HPV. Latex condoms offer some protection, but only for the areas that are covered; exposed areas are still at risk. Early vaccination with Gardasil guards against HPV strains 6, 11, 16, and 18. Another brand, Cervarix prevents strains 16 and 18, those most associated with cervical cancer. These vaccines are available for females aged 11-26 years of age. Gardasil is being tested on males ages 9-26 years old. These immunizations are intended to be prophylactic against genital warts and HPV, not treatment for it.

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  • Those men who are confronted with a change in their sex lives are frequently frightened, humiliated and confused about what options they have for restoring their penis health and sexual vitality. It’s the same situation for those men born with a penis that does not live up to their expectations in terms of size or function. None of us are in control of how our bodies perform 100% of the time and we certainly cannot control the way our genes have designed us, so it is important to know that options really do exist for men who are not comfortable taking a pharmaceutical pill that could have dangerous side effects.

    Today’s natural enhancement pill choices for men help them restore the function of their body and encourage growth in both the length and thickness of any penis, regardless of its original size. Male Extra pills, in particular, offer a solution trusted by many that offers not only the capacity to improve a penis, but its performance in the bedroom, as well. By leveraging the power of 500 milligrams worth of pomegranate ellagic, Male extra pills trigger erections that any man can sustain naturally. The pills are formulated to encourage blood flow which keeps the penis rigid until the desired moment of ejaculation. Since so many men face the embarrassing issue of premature ejaculation, this benefit of the pill is certainly more than enough to please not only the man who takes the pill, but the woman he seeks to please.

    With all of the advances in natural sexual aids, men today never need to live in fear that they will disappoint their partner in the most intimate moments since is here to help. In fact, with the natural enhancement pill remedy, men are able to achieve peak performance in very little time and at a cost that is much lower than extensive surgeries or potentially dangerous chemicals found in prescription treatments for impotence. Since is so accessible and offers a host of honest reviews, many men choose to get their pills there. These pills are far safer and easier on a man’s body so it makes sense that they are converting a huge number of skeptics in to true believers who have the erection to back up their new found respect for Male Extra pills.

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  • According to the world Health Organization, we need only four percent or 30 grams per day. For every gram of protein we get from meat or eggs, we get double the amount in fat and cholesterol.

    We should not depend on animal protein for our protein requirements. We can get enough protein from a pure vegetarian diet as well; say from green gram, groundnut, potatoes etc.

    Nowadays we see in TV and other advertisements that we need extra protein to maintain good health. But, when we play hard and work hard, we need mainly carbohydrates and not proteins.

    Our body has no mechanism to store excess protein and it cannot get rid of extra protein easily. The kidneys have to work hard to do so, which leads to kidney stones, inflammation and hypertrophy. Further, when we drink more milk or eat more meat and eggs, our body loses more calcium, regardless of how much calcium we take in.

    The result is the inexplicable decrease in bone density and onset of the painful disease called osteoporosis.

    According to a study, it has been revealed that a reduction of protein actually results in an increase of physical and mental activity, a capacity to work for long hours without getting tired and reduced susceptibility to diseases. What we require is complex carbohydrates.

    The more animal protein one eats. The more vital energy will be spent in digesting it, and less energy available to the body for its other functions. i. e. The more animal proteins we take, our body will actually be depleted of calcium and other nutrients.

    Besides, most farm animals and poultry have been bred from genetically engineered stock, to ensure greater yields. Nowadays, elaborate poultry farming techniques are practiced with the help of govt. and non-govt. agencies, where broiler chicks are pumped with artificial and often carcinogenic growth hormones and vaccines. Further, foods are grown from seeds that have their chromosomes reengineered with genes spliced from viruses, bacteria and even animals such as pigs. Potatoes, mustard, tomatoes, cabbage, corn and soya are among the chief crops that are being altered by giant biotechnology firm worldwide like this.

    All extra proteins absorbed by our body add to our weight. When our body cannot easily eliminate them, it starts to degenerate. When too much protein enters the blood stream, it gets converted into nitric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids and the body is then forced to use up large amounts of alkaline mineral to neutralize these acids. The results are deficiency of minerals in bones, hair and nails.

    Uric acid has also been found to cause damage to liver and kidneys. Over consumption of protein has also been linked to cancer of the breast, live and bladder and to a spiraling increase in the incidence of leukemia and Bright’s disease. All animals get their nutrients from plants and we shall go for plant proteins especially from fresh fruits and spouted grams. Even if we have to cook them, make sure you don’t deep fry or cook them for long periods, so as not to destroy the nutrients completely.

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