Hair loss is amongst the most common problems faced by people right from the age 18 to 60 years and above. It is referred to a condition wherein the hair start thinning and eventually leads to baldness observed in both genders. It is evident from recent studies that around 40% of men experience hair loss near the age of 35 while women experience this by the age of 65. Today, hair loss has become a stress factor for many, giving them sleepless nights and restless days. If you are amongst them, it is important to choose the best hair loss treatments from the available options but before that you need to understand what causes this condition.

What causes hair loss?

The major reasons behind hair loss pertain to the genes, the hormones and age. It is also known to be caused by a deficit of vitamins A, B complex, C and D or an inadequacy of vital minerals such as iron, iodine and protein. The unawareness of this condition is so alarming that around 75% of men believe that hair loss cannot be prevented or treated without surgery. Contradictory to this popular belief, there are many effective and proven hair loss treatments available on the market.

Treatment for hair loss in men

For men, Provillus Men’s Formula is the most popular option. It is a natural blend of vital vitamins that promote healthy hair growth by blocking the excess production of testosterone. As it is a natural formula, there are no prolonged side effects but a mild stomach discomfort might be felt.

Treatment for hair loss in women

For women, Provillus Women’s Formula is a preferred product worldwide. It is a dietary supplement that is made of a combination of botanical extracts, vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, biotin and zinc. When taken, these capsules nourish your scalp by providing essential nutrients. This gives a nutrient boost to the tiny follicles beneath your scalp surface, stimulating growth of new hair and blocks testosterone. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their physician before taking Provillus capsules.