Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) continues to be one of the most deadly and costly hospital-associated infections. Bloodstream infection (Bacteremia) is nothing but presence of bacteria in the blood.

Bloodstream infections are amongst the most serious infections of bacterial disease and central line infection is growing rapidly during last few decades. Today, Gram-positive bateraemia has become a common clinical problem in most of the medical centers. Treatment for central line-associated bloodstream infections has been much studied but the length of treatment remains incompletely understood.

How to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infection?

The source control protection is very important procedure in preventing bloodstream infections. Bloodstream infection can be mostly prevented by using a disinfection cap such as Curos Port Protector onto any luer-activated needle-less valve. This disinfection cap has 70% isopropyl alcohol saturated sponge which stops the infection consistently and effectively. This method is proven to encourage high nursing compliance with disinfection protocols. The saturated sponge with isopropyl alcohol provides very reliable passive disinfection of I.V. port access.

Using disinfection caps such as Curos Port protector is a very simple and effective infection control procedure against central line-associated bloodstream infections. Usage of disinfection caps proved to be very effective and simpler solution to prevent most of the central line-associated bloodstream infections.