A latest survey conducted by University of Cancer Research Centre has revealed that beta gulcan helps cancer patients. Cancer patients around the world have reported that the cancer tumors starte to shrunk after taking beta glucan. Beta glucan activates the immune cells called macrophages. These macrophages are the ones which traps and consumes foriegn substances in our body. Beta glucan found to be very effective in activating these macrophages which eventually helps the cancerous tumors shrunk.

In simple terms, beta glucan boosts your immune system and trains it to fight better with foriegn substances like virus, bacteria and fungi in your body. It also enhances the effectiveness of your vitamin supplements and medicines that you consume to cure your cancer.

So far it was the cost factor which stopped many from taking these beta glucans to enhance their immune system but recently the price of beta glucans have come down sharply and everyone can afford to take beta glucans. Many immunologists recommend beta glucans for their immune enhacing properties.

After many researches experts were immpressed with scientifc data and customer testimonials of beta 1 3d glucan.

The best thing about Beta 1, 3 d glucan is that there is not adverse effects when taken with other pharmaceutican medicines. It actually enhances the anti-infective drugs performance in your body.

Within 3 days of taking beta 1, 3 glucan you must start noticing the benefits as your immune system should have been enhanced and the medicines you take should be more effective than before.