Are there natural things that can be done to help heal carpel tunnel syndrome? Does anyone have any experience with carpel tunnel syndrome or any natual treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Many say that one of the “hand jobs” is good for carpel tunnel syndrome sufferers. “Taoist Tai Chi” has many worldwide chapters and websites. The movement is very simple, pointing the hands at the ceiling, arms out, elbows bent, hand alternatively face you then away, like the Queen waving. It’s repeated maybe 50 or so times. No real effort! Results probably come over time.

carpel tunnel syndrome is often diagnosed as a repetitive motion problem and the pain is taken away by isolating the wrist. Our bodies are designed to move in a variety of directions and repetitive motion is harmful only when it is the only motion.

Regular breaks from the repetition and a variety of stretching motions can make a world of difference. Several clients get immediate relief from using a small exercise ball and flexing between the thumb and each finger on a regular basis while rotating the wrist through a range of motion.

The latest thinking in pain relief suggests the emotion, or stress, we are thinking about while performing the repetitive movement has more to do with the pain, than the motion itself. An example is; typing for hours is not as harmful as worrying about the deadline that is causing the need for the typing.

It is highly recommend contacting a BEST practitioner and getting a treatment for extremities, and expect miracles! Removing that emotional energy will give immediate results.