Many orthodontic options can take more than a year to work. Fortunately the use of 6 Month Smiles by an Edinburgh dentist can be helpful when it comes to getting one’s teeth to be properly aligned in a short period of time. These braces work with ease to improve the condition of the braces.

6 Month Smiles works in that instead of working with the full mouth these braces will work primarily on the front six teeth. These are the teeth that are going to be seen by more people and will be used for most dental implants activities involving one’s mouth.

Instead of using standard braces to get these front teeth to move into a proper position the braces used in 6 Month Smiles will work with nickel-titanium wires. These wires work with brackets that are white in color and are smaller than standard brackets to work properly. Every couple of weeks these braces will need to be adjusted so that they will be able to continue working to get one’s teeth to be handled properly.

Because there are fewer teeth involved in this process 6 Month Smiles will work in about six months on average. This is different from other types of braces that deal with the entire mouth and can take more than a year to work properly.

There are a few considerations to use for this orthodontic option though. For instance, while this option can be used to help with handling teeth in a short period of time it can take a couple of additional months to be able to get them to work for some of the more severe cases. It can take up to eight months for severe cases to be corrected properly. This is still a substantially shorter amount of time than that of what it would take for standard braces to work.

Also, with 6 Month Smiles a patient’s speech will be different for the first couple of days after the braces are first installed. The speech should go back to normal after an hour though.

The last thing to note is that like with other orthodontic options 6 Month Smiles can be painful for the first couple of days after they have been installed. The pain will subside over time as the teeth become more used to the braces but it is generally recommended during the first couple of days to use some mild painkillers that one’s dentist has provided.

6 Month Smiles can be very useful for anyone looking to get their teeth to look their best. This option works with the front teeth and will work to help with getting them to be straight and in their proper places. It will not take as much time for these braces to work either.

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