Depression is a common mental disorder experienced by most of the people either personaly or in a family member. Depression effects our functionality in our daily family, office and social life. It not only affect the patient but also the wellwishers of the patient. Major depression can destruct the the whole life of the patient.

Depression Impacts:

a. Damages the life of the patient

b. Disturbs the life of patient’s family members and friends

c. Also effects the financial status of the family.

d. Causes emotional pain in the patient.

The depression is a disorder whose real symptoms need to be identified because every people suffers from depression in his life. For example we get tired after a long work. We feel sad if something happens wrong in our life. But these are not the actual symptoms of depression because these are the passing phase of a life. But if these symptoms stays for a very long time and starts effecting the daily life then we can identify it as a case of depression.

Depression can effect person of any age group. The most of the depressions are successfully treated if the depression symptoms are identified at the right time. The depression is the result of the chemical disturbances in the brain which adversely effects the functionality of the brain cells.

The chances of depression occurrence are higher in those people who are pessimistic, Low self esteemed and underestimate themselves. The factors such as a sad incident, major illness, financial crisis etc. acts as a trigger for depression.

People can learn the adaptive measures to manage stress, family life, daily life, relationships as a preventive measure to get rid of depression in advance. Because life style is a major factor in our psychological development. The depression treatment also includes the of Natural herbal supplements as they are completely free from side effects.