Macrobiotic diet is a diet that has exhibited some resilience and staying power, it’s still around. The diet and the philosophy it is based on was developed by Japanese educator George Ohsawa.

Often, when I talk about the macrobiotic diet, people often say, “I eat lots of brown rice and vegetables. I can’t believe how macrobiotic I am.” This is, mind you, just as they are tucking into their second slice of quiche.

This completely revised presentation of the nutritional and ecological principles behind the macrobiotic diet, this book explains the foods and cooking techniques that are central to the macrobiotic approach to eating, and it demonstrates how the diet can be used to lose weight, to increase energy levels, to prevent and treat disease as well as to promote psychological health. Specific dietary adjustments and modifications are suggested according to gender, age, and level of activity to help optimize the overall effects of a whole-grain based diet.

This new edition of Macrobiotic Diet is expanded to include information on natural foods that have recently become available; the latest research on cancer and diet; AIDS and diet; the U.S. government’s landmark report on Diet and Health; and the China Health Study; as well as a wealth of information on the impact of our dietary choices on the earth’s environment.

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