A great new product launched by EliteSkin, the company who uses cosmeceutical ingredients in their advanced skin care formulas, has been making waves for it’s ability to cure neck wrinkles. The V-Covery Cream, as it’s called, treats the “V-zone” on the neck and upper chest. This is often times a hard to treat area, and not many creams can get to the deep crevaces and wrinkles that are formed there due to constant sun damage.

Sun damage takes a toll on the neck & chest area, which is officially called the decollete. A decollete cream, such as the V-Covery Cream, aims at firming, lifting, and tightening the skin on this hard to treat area. Many people omit this area of skin, and proceed to treat only their face and eyes. If you are serious about your anti aging skin care routine, you should give some consideration to a neck cream. You may notice a difference within only 30 days.