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Microdermabrasion has become a clinically proven non-invasive aesthetic procedure that benefits many in recent time. Microdermabrasion procedure provides instant gratification to the patients and works well on all skin types.

Moreover microdermabrasion machine has become a clinically proven tool for any type of skin. It works well on dry skin, oily skin etc. It also found to be very effective on acne prone skin, sun damaged skin and also for scar tissue reduction.

The medical grade crystals used in microdermabrasion system works with skin at an high velocity and the crystals peel the outermost layer of the skin and reveals the living skin cells. This procedure brings the livings skin cells to the front that looks soft and creates new resistance against aging.

The best thing about microdermabrasion procedure is that it is virtually painless and there is no need of recovery time. This system does not use any chemicals or lasers and the best of all is it works on all types of skin.

There are popular microdermabrasion system such as PLUG-N-PEEL used at popular clinics and many people around the world reveal that this procedure is very successful and very beneficial to the patients.

Reducing black dots on the skin, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin is not a problem any more with the procedure of micradermabrasion is available. If you are struggling with a skin problem, microdermabrasion is the best treatment available today.

Market leaders like Genesis Biosystems have introduced new type of Plug-n-Peen closed canister system. This new system makes things even easier as simple as just plug and start peeling. These new type of microdermabrasion systems are found to be more powerful microdermabrasion systems available in the market.

If your doctor suggests microdermabrasion, there is no need for hesitation as this particular procedure is the only system having the highest level of safety in skin treatment.

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  • When you are trying to get rid of stretch marks using the right creams can greatly reduce the appearance and how noticeable they are, especially on those with lighter skin tone. So, when determining the creams to purchase, you are going to want to look for all natural options, creams which have aloe, cocoa butter, and vitamin e and d in it. You also want to look for products which have biological properties, proteins, and natural enzymes, which will eliminate the elasticity of the skin, in turn, eliminating the appearance of the stretch marks. So, before spending hundreds of dollars on miracle creams, celtrixa or even worse, spending money on laser surgery, consider these great creams to try out, and see how well they can do the trick, and get rid of the stria scars.

    One of the best brands out there is called Bio Stretch Mark Cream. With a naturally occurring biological serum, along with natural skin regenerative properties, this product will strengthen the skin, support your immune system, and remove visible scars from the skin tissue. The cream includes biological molecules, peptides, proteins, and natural enzymes, which when working together, create collagen in the skin tissue, and remove the elastic appearance that the stretch marks give. This cream will also treat the deeper issues below the skin, by dissolving deep scar tissue, and eliminating the appearance of the stretch mark.

    Another great cream to consider is Mederma Skin Care for Scars. This is a bit more on the affordable side, and has been clinically proven to aide in the elimination and appearance of stria scars. The brand offers a line of scar and stretch mark eliminating products including: stretch mark therapy cream, scar gel, and a scar cream. With natural botanical ingredients including: cepalin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and other natural enzymes, the product will help eliminate the appearance of scarring, within the first few weeks of use. And, although the product will not eliminate scars completely, it will make them barely visible, improve the softness and texture of the skin, and offer an all around better appearance to the treated area.

    Another highly rated cream is BioCutis. The cream utilizes biological activators, which are natural to your body, helping the skin to stretch, and eliminating the appearance of the scarred area. With a long list of natural enzymes, elastin plus, and the compounds which will trigger regeneration of collagen, the cream will quickly, safely, and effectively eliminate the appearance of the stria scar within a few weeks of use. It will leave the treated area feeling smoother, offer a visible reduction in overall scarring, and will leave the skin looking like new.

    No matter what creams you decide to use for the removal and reduction of stria scars, making sure that you choose a cream with natural enzymes, biological compounds which are natural to the body, and specific proteins, to help the skin regain the elasticity, and eliminate the appearance of the scarring on any par of the skin.

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  • Skin Nutrition Supplements

    Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to aging, are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs.

    To have a good skin is important to focus not only on creams and lotions you put on your skin but what you put into your body as well. Health experts say that vitamins and minerals in all forms play an integral role in a healthy complexion, whether the source is food, supplements, or even a jar of cream.

    Brazilians are known for the natural beauty. But of course they must have some secrets, and most of it comes from the dairy food.

    Do not miss these healthy tips.

    With these easy and basic recipes you can keep your body and skin healthy.

    10 natural ways to keep your Skin healthy in Brazilian style

    1. Brazil Nuts: Filled with the mineral Selenium, Brazil nuts improve skin elasticity and battle infections. They also contain zinc which helps ease inflammation, promote skin cell growth, maintain collagen and alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

    2. Berries( blueberries, raspberries, strawberries…) All help the body manufacture collagen which makes the skin supple and smooth. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and are excellent sources of Vitamin C & E, riboflavin and fiber.

    3. Carrots: High in beta-carotene( vitamin A) and vitamin C, carrots are powerful antioxidant that mop up free radicals, such as those produced by overexposure to the sun. In fact, carrots have an SPF factor of 2-4 providing some additional natural sun protection for people of light color skin.

    4. Green Tea: it has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces damage from UV rays.

    5. Oily Fish: Salmon, Sardines, fresh tuna contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Decrease the occurrence of clogged pores. Reduce skin dryness. Prevent harmful substances from entering the cells, keep water in and cell hydrated.

    6. Avocado: Sure they are high in fat. But it’s a healthy monounsaturated fat that keeps skin plump, moist and youth looking. It is also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that help improve the quality of your skin.

    7. Sunflower Seeds: The antioxidant power of vitamin E, it slows down aging. Some believe sunflower seeds reduce the appearance of blackheads and acne, and alleviate psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

    8. Dairy Products: Vitamin A is freshly delivered through dairy products, which is important in the development of the new skin cells.

    9. Dark Chocolate: Surprisingly enough, the oh-so-sinful dark chocolates do have a high antioxidant content which helps improve the flow of blood to the skin.

    10. Pomegranates: Anthocyanins in pomegranate juice strengthen the walls of tiny blood vessels that supply nutrients to the skin. Drinking pomegranate juice can help stop the formation of spider veins.

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  • Many people suffer from acne at one time or another, many during their adolescent years or even as adults. Whenever acne shows up, it’s no fun. Cystic Acne is among the most severe forms of this skin condition, characterized by the large red cysts that appear on the skin. To find the best cystic acne treatment it is important to understand what causes the outbreaks and how diet, living conditions and your gender and age figure in to the picture.

    Some of the factors that lead to this skin condition are stress, overactive skin oil glands, fluctuations in hormones, the accumulation of dead skin cells and diet. Given the many different factors that can lead to acne, the cystic acne treatment that is most effective will be one that addresses each of these conditions as they apply to you, if not all of them.

    Acne develops as a result of the skin pores becoming clogged with dead skin cells, oils or other materials. Bacteria build up and the body’s immune response causes inflammation with redness, swelling and pain. Cystic pustules are characterized by red, large (5 mm diameter) lumps that are often painful and unsightly.

    Cystic Acne Treatment

    A common approach to curing this acne is to start with home remedies and work your way up if necessary to medicines or treatments recommended by your doctor or dermatologist.

    Below are several home based cystic acne treatment options that you can try…

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Drink a Mix of 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 8-10 oz. twice per day.

    After washing face with a neutral pH soap, dab apple cider vinegar on affected areas and allow to dry. Do this once each morning and evening. It is the anti-bacterial properties of apple cider vinegar which, as an cystic acne treatment, have helped many control the outbreaks.


    The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric have also been known to help reduce the appearance of acne. Try this cystic acne treatment by mixing the following ingredients below and drink before bedtime.

    1 tsp Turmeric

    1/4 tsp Cinnamon

    1 c Hot Water

    1 tsp Honey (to taste)

    2-3 tbsp milk (to taste)

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil contains an ingredient called terpinen that has antimicrobial properties. Applying a 5% solution to acne lesions has been a popular cystic acne treatment and has helped many with a reduction of inflamed and non-inflamed acne.

    Treatment Medications

    There are a variety of over-the-counter products you can try for your cystic acne treatment. Their effectiveness will depend on the severity of the acne and how well your body reacts to the medications. Many of these contain Benzoyl Peroxide as the active ingredient. Before starting any over-the-counter cystic acne treatment be sure to read all the information and possible side effects associated with the over-the-counter medications.

    For more severe cases, a dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics or other medications available only through prescription. Often these medications will have side effects that you will want to be aware of before starting them. Be sure to have your doctor or dermatologist explain all known side effects before starting any prescribed medical cystic acne treatment.

    I know how hard it is to get rid of acne and make your skin nice and clear the way it was, but if you want to really clear up your skin you’ll need to learn as many methods as you can to find the ones that work best for you.

    Discover additional cystic acne treatment methods that can clear up your skin. Don’t give up hope, it’s NOT impossible. Learn more ways to clear up your acne by clicking the link.

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    Recently, Eliteskin has made a breakthrough in Skin Treatments and skin care science.

    EliteSkin has launched their new product called Cryogenic Moisturizer formulated with their patent pending technology. Eliteskin scientists have put their best efforts to develop this temperature sensitive skin care solution. Cryogenic Moisturizer has been formulated with a unique sugar technology with concentration of pure Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane to transform the damaged skin to softer and younger looking skin.

    Cryogenic Moisturizer has been clinically proven superior hydration and regenerates skin’s hydrous flow to protect against environmental factors. This Patent Pending Facial Moisturizer also stimulates new cell growth and dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Cryogenic moisturizer has also proved clinically that it can drastically improve skin elasticity. The company awaits a patent for their unique thermal-activated technology.

    For best results, Eliteskin recommends to keep this cryogenic moisturizer product in the refrigerator and suggests to use the moisturizer when the label turns blue because the formula will be at it’s maximum temperature-drived potency. The company also suggests to apply the moisturizer twice a day. To use, just apply a thin layer of moisturizer to skin and allow it to dry. You must keep this product in refrigerator at all times.

    With this new cryogenic moisturizer developed with a patent pending technology, EliteSkin has created a breakthrough in modern skin care science.

    A great facial moisturizer indeed, with a breakthrough, clinically proven technology. EliteSkin has this habit of introducing breakthrough products in the skin care industry.

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  • EliteSkin, a leading cosmeceutical skin care manufacturer, has enjoyed a lot of success with it's Elite Serum, a daily use under-eye serum that works well at reducing eye wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.  The popular eye serum was recently featured in Yoga Magazine's Fall Beauty editorial, citing the numerous award's it's won and the amount of attention it's received from skin care professionals.

    But what makes Elite Serum so different from the rest? 

    For starters, the company uses cosmeceuticals, which are pharmaceutical grade ingredients imported from labs as far as Switzerland and France.  However, the eye serum does not need to be issued with a proper prescription because the ingredients are used in lower concentrations.  Also, while the eye serum leverages potent ingredients such as Haloxyl and Eyeliss, it also has resveratrol, which is a leading anti aging ingredient known for it's antioxidant properties. 

    Be sure to check out EliteSkin's Official Website, featuring three new anti aging products, including the popular anti cellulite cream.

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  • Most women when buying an anti wrinkle cream take a stab in the dark about what products will and won’t work. Sure they read advertisements and talk to those very knowledgeable women at the beauty counter of the department store but few dig deeper to get the real dirt on anti aging creams.

    What makes an Anti Wrinkle Cream Work?

    There’s only one thing that separates a good from a bad anti aging treatment.

    The ingredients.

    A good wrinkle cream contains proven and tested ingredients. In fact the best anti wrinkle cream is one that you can actually find clinical test results from. Knowing that a researcher has taken the time to gather similar women together and test the results of a product is the best form of proof you can get about an anti aging treatment.

    Where can you Find this Information?

    First off don’t start at the beauty counter of your local department store. If you want to learn about wrinkle creams you’re going to have to get your hands dirty at the keyboard.

    Look for wrinkle cream comparison and review websites. You want to uncover some brands and products you might not be as familiar with as the big cosmetic and skin care companies. It’s these lesser known products that may contain fantastic new undiscovered super ingredients.

    A few ingredients to look for are Sesaflash® and Matrixyl®. These two ingredients together in an anti aging treatment will provide an instant lift to hide wrinkles and fines lines, while at the same time working to rejuvenate your skin to a more youthful appearance.

    Look at the guarantees offered by products as well. Generally a company that stands behind the results their product can deliver will offer you an unconditional money back guarantee or refund policy. Beware of restocking fees and those companies that don’t easily post contact information. I’ve found that companies who hide tend to have something to hide.

    Ask friends what they use, or what their friends use. There is no better recommendation then from a friend who has used a product first hand.

    The key to finding a great anti wrinkle cream that works is to ask questions and look at details. Don’t just assume that a product will deliver results as promised. There’s been more then one women burned by big promises and no results.

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  • Caring for Damaged Skin

    Bad skin can be attributed to a variety of things, those being genetic inheritance, bad weather, or simply poor hygiene. In some cases, it may just be improper hygiene. If poor hygiene stems from a lack of hygiene, then improper hygiene results from improper care. Not everyone is created equal, least of all in their skin. Knowing and being comfortable in one’s own skin can lead to lifelong rewards.

    Chronic acne can be a manageable life solution. The catalyst is dry skin, and for those who suffer from acne usually suffer from skin that is either too dry or not dry enough. This can be prevented by not overdoing the routines of daily hygiene. As a tip, splash the face with cold water before washing with warm water; and after washing, splash with cold water once more. This will ensure that the sensitive pores will be closed during agitated rinsing, thus minimizing the affects of sensitive skin. If washed too roughly or frequently, dry skin will chap and flake. The loose skin particles will cause even more breakouts than from bacteria and dirt alone.

    Remnants of chronic acne appear in the form of unsightly scars and, in the long run, keloids. Keloids are lumps of damaged or dead tissue that resemble cysts. Typically inactive, keloids sometimes spread and persist on their own, even without the presence of acne. There is no sure topical solution in the removal of keloids. For that, oral treatment is necessary. The recently approved Accutane helps to lessen the appearance of keloids; though it works indirectly by minimizing the sebaceous glands that irritate the skin. For direct treatment of keloids and cysts, an injection of cortisone is the most common answer. Cortisone triggers a reaction in the immune system that helps the body fight inflammatory ailments. Once injected, its affects can take as long as a few days to fully work. The lumps may still persist, but injections help to soften them, thus making it easier to gradually heal.

    Chemical peeling is invaluable in the treatment of acne scars. Scarring typically affects the outer epidermis, and peeling it away to reveal the newer, untouched skin is aesthetically affective. But peeling should only be done after the acne has subsided and little keloids remain. Peeling will expose new, sensitive skin, thereby increasing the potential for infection; any presence of acne will no doubt raise that risk.

    In the long term, lotions and body oils will lead to unbalanced skin if used improperly, especially excessively. They supply the body with more oils, and excessive body moisture is a common cause for acne and other topical conditions. Know your body before investing in expensive topical solutions. For those suffering from chronic acne and keloids, recent research indicates that the oil extracted from the emu bird contains nutritional properties that aid the skin in healing, as opposed to simply eliminating germs and excess oil.

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