Patient counseling is an integral part of sexually transmitted disease (STD) management. As most of the common STDs are incurable, people infected with them can get extremely demoralised and depressed. So professional counseling is needed to instill the hope in them that all is not over yet. For an STD like genital herpes, which is again an incurable but treatable condition, counseling can not only give the patients hope for a better life in future, but can also educate them about the dangers of unsafe sex and how to prevent herpes transmission. With safe sex practices and Valtrex tablets, you can prevent the herpes simplex virus from infecting your partner.

How can counseling help herpes patients?

A television campaign issued in public interest revealed that herpes patients under the age of 35 years were very enthusiastic about taking professional help to understand their condition better. Despite the fact that they all had been carrying the herpes simplex virus for the previous 5 years, they welcomed counseling as a crucial diagnostic tool for effective genital herpes treatment.

Can counseling be of any help for better management of antiviral genital herpes treatment?

Yes, Antiviral herpes medications such as Valtrex and Famvir are available only on prescription. So talking to a doctor is a must to get a pack of Valtrex or Famvir tablets. Now the problem with many herpes patients is that they feel guilty about talking to a doctor for treatment. Many of them also have the fear that they might be judged as promiscuous. But contrary to many people’s belief, professional counselors are trained well enough to deal with sexually sensitive issues. Not only they can show you the right way to get herpes treated with the right medication, but can also tell you how to readjust your lifestyle to possibly avoid herpes outbreaks in future.