If you’re trying to be as green as possible, at the same time as protecting your own health, then drinking water is a fantastic place to start. But there are a number of important things to know about bottled water and the environment. Do you really need to be drinking it for your health? Here are the essential facts you need to know.

Bottled Water And The Environment: What You Need To Know About The Plastic

Many of us choose to drink bottled water, thinking it’s healthier and cleaner, despite the fact that this is widely debated by experts. But one thing we all know about bottled water and the environment is the fact that it uses plastic – not to mention all the energy that goes into packaging and transporting it – and isn’t good for our planet.

Not only does the packaging mean that it costs thousands times more than water from the tap, it also means that the plastic could be harming your health. Toxins from the plastic are known to leech into the water we drink, especially if the bottle is left in hot conditions, such as in the car.

Is Tap Water Really A Healthy Alternative?

Despite the fact that many people know the negative points surrounding bottled water and the environment, many people still drink it thinking it’s the healthiest choice. What you might not realize is that a lot of bottled water is simply tap water that’s been ‘treated’ before sale, some more than others. And even genuine mineral water is not necessarily healthier than water from your home!

Tap water is always tested for safety, and is very strictly regulated. The truth is that safety checks are a lot more strict with tap water than they are with bottled water.

Tests have shown that levels of bacteria don’t really differ between water from bottles and water from the tap. The main risks with tap water occur in the plumbing. As long as you keep your plumbing free from materials like lead, your water should be safe.

If you really want to make sure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible, simply install a water filter. You can pick up water filters for relatively low cost nowadays – far lower than buying bottled water every day!


Now you know the facts not only about bottled water and the environment, but also about the impacts on your health, you can stop buying water in bottles and start drinking tap water! You can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re saving millions of plastic bottles (that take thousands of years to biodegrade) from filling our landfills!