Recently, Eliteskin has made a breakthrough in Skin Treatments and skin care science.

EliteSkin has launched their new product called Cryogenic Moisturizer formulated with their patent pending technology. Eliteskin scientists have put their best efforts to develop this temperature sensitive skin care solution. Cryogenic Moisturizer has been formulated with a unique sugar technology with concentration of pure Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane to transform the damaged skin to softer and younger looking skin.

Cryogenic Moisturizer has been clinically proven superior hydration and regenerates skin’s hydrous flow to protect against environmental factors. This Patent Pending Facial Moisturizer also stimulates new cell growth and dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Cryogenic moisturizer has also proved clinically that it can drastically improve skin elasticity. The company awaits a patent for their unique thermal-activated technology.

For best results, Eliteskin recommends to keep this cryogenic moisturizer product in the refrigerator and suggests to use the moisturizer when the label turns blue because the formula will be at it’s maximum temperature-drived potency. The company also suggests to apply the moisturizer twice a day. To use, just apply a thin layer of moisturizer to skin and allow it to dry. You must keep this product in refrigerator at all times.

With this new cryogenic moisturizer developed with a patent pending technology, EliteSkin has created a breakthrough in modern skin care science.

A great facial moisturizer indeed, with a breakthrough, clinically proven technology. EliteSkin has this habit of introducing breakthrough products in the skin care industry.