When you are trying to get rid of stretch marks using the right creams can greatly reduce the appearance and how noticeable they are, especially on those with lighter skin tone. So, when determining the creams to purchase, you are going to want to look for all natural options, creams which have aloe, cocoa butter, and vitamin e and d in it. You also want to look for products which have biological properties, proteins, and natural enzymes, which will eliminate the elasticity of the skin, in turn, eliminating the appearance of the stretch marks. So, before spending hundreds of dollars on miracle creams, celtrixa or even worse, spending money on laser surgery, consider these great creams to try out, and see how well they can do the trick, and get rid of the stria scars.

One of the best brands out there is called Bio Stretch Mark Cream. With a naturally occurring biological serum, along with natural skin regenerative properties, this product will strengthen the skin, support your immune system, and remove visible scars from the skin tissue. The cream includes biological molecules, peptides, proteins, and natural enzymes, which when working together, create collagen in the skin tissue, and remove the elastic appearance that the stretch marks give. This cream will also treat the deeper issues below the skin, by dissolving deep scar tissue, and eliminating the appearance of the stretch mark.

Another great cream to consider is Mederma Skin Care for Scars. This is a bit more on the affordable side, and has been clinically proven to aide in the elimination and appearance of stria scars. The brand offers a line of scar and stretch mark eliminating products including: stretch mark therapy cream, scar gel, and a scar cream. With natural botanical ingredients including: cepalin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and other natural enzymes, the product will help eliminate the appearance of scarring, within the first few weeks of use. And, although the product will not eliminate scars completely, it will make them barely visible, improve the softness and texture of the skin, and offer an all around better appearance to the treated area.

Another highly rated cream is BioCutis. The cream utilizes biological activators, which are natural to your body, helping the skin to stretch, and eliminating the appearance of the scarred area. With a long list of natural enzymes, elastin plus, and the compounds which will trigger regeneration of collagen, the cream will quickly, safely, and effectively eliminate the appearance of the stria scar within a few weeks of use. It will leave the treated area feeling smoother, offer a visible reduction in overall scarring, and will leave the skin looking like new.

No matter what creams you decide to use for the removal and reduction of stria scars, making sure that you choose a cream with natural enzymes, biological compounds which are natural to the body, and specific proteins, to help the skin regain the elasticity, and eliminate the appearance of the scarring on any par of the skin.