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The Truth About Colon Cleansing

Do your research and you’ll find all sorts of conflicting articles on what makes a healthy colon. You’ll find a few websites that spreads uneducated negative thought about the need for colon cleansing, and you’ll find they’re sponsored by Joe Nobody. We’d have to advise you to ignore those “quaks” and listen instead to the real medical world.

There are real reasons why the health care industry supports the idea of a clean and healthy bowel, although there are a variety of ways to achieve it.

I’d recommend the one that’s the safest and easiest to accomplish. I recommend using the colon cleanse that’s only 5 days long instead of months and months. Use a colon cleansing product that’s 100% natural and made by a company that uses 100% USA herbs and is 100% made in America. And more importantly, use the product that the leading master herbalists in the USA all recommend. The best one is called “Colon Cleansing Kit” and you can visit my websites to find out more information.

The Colon Cleansing Kit

The colon cleanse use is produced by Master Herbalist Martha Volchok. When Martha started to put together her Internal Cleansing program, to her, this was the ultimate formula. It was a chance for her to put everything she has ever done into one product.

All the formulas balance each other and there are herbs to make it as smooth as possible. Martha spent eight months formulating the Internal Cleansing Kit. Eight months of constantly pondering and feeling: twelve formulas, over a hundred herbs, dosages, and the effect of each herb on someone’s body.

She drew from her experiences and the experience of others. Every resource she had available to her she pulled from, used as food for her intuition. As building blocks to create one master program.

It was designed to show you your own body. To allow you to feel your self, knowing that for some of us … this will be a first time doing a colon cleansing. For others it will be a re-birth, and for still others it will simply serve as a source of strength and inspiration to find themselves and their health. Martha gave all of herself to this kit. If you knew her at all, you’d know what this meant.

Martha has an incredible innate sensitivity that permeates all she does. It allows her, I should say forces her, to feel the pain of any person she is around or of anyone who asks her for herbal help. It is this sensitivity coupled with an equally incredible appreciation for pain, that allows her to intuitively create a formula.

Her appreciation for pain comes from a life that has been filled with numerous aliments and conditions. At age twelve she was run over by a horse and underwent operations for torn and lacerated liver and intestines. She has given birth to four children: one birthing broke her tailbone, and two led to uterine infections. At age 35 she suffered from extreme digestive pain and used raw food liquids and wheatgrass therapy for a year before recovering. In the last ten years she has been naturally cured of two life threatening diseases: Sarcoidosis in her lungs and, most recently, T-cell lymphoma in her blood.

She is also extremely sensitive to artificial substances and modern medicine usually makes her sicker. In fact, she has had several root canals without novocaine or pain killers because of this sensitivity!

She also knows what relief feels like and when she begins to make a formulas it is for this relief that she searches. Over the years she has created formulas for herself, her family, friends, workers, and complete strangers. Her formulas are always made for a real person, with a real discomfort.

Martha put herself into the “Colon Cleansing Kit” … she tested it herself, and I’ve tested it too. It’s a simple, safe and healthy thing you can do for your own colon health in only five days. Like I said, there’s absolutely no reason to do any colon cleanse that’s longer than five to ten days.

Happy colon health to you, and please visit my websites to learn more about colon detoxification cleansing.

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  • Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles” was once a distraught surgeon who fretted over his inability to effectively serve his cancer patients. Dr. Siegel’s recognition and growing understanding of the mind-body connection eventually allowed him to serve his patients and himself in a greater capacity.

    Bernie writes in his book, “When a doctor reports amazing improvements in a patient’s condition, he or she almost never mentions that person’s beliefs and lifestyle, but when I inquire, I find the patient always has made some drastic change toward a more loving and accepting outlook. The patient seldom tells an unreceptive doctor about this, however.”

    When the person’s mind changed, the state of their health changed. Hence, the importance of the mind- body connection.

    However, just covering up the surface with positive thinking isn’t necessarily going to help. It’s like cleaning out a house. The dirt and filth has to be removed and the stale air replaced with fresh air. There has to be a fundamental change for real healing to take place. Surface level, ‘positive thinking’ isn’t going to effect this kind of change, just like lightly dusting our homes won’t get the real dirt out.

    So what are the dirty and stale things in our minds? Well, they could be things like grudges, prejudices, anger, resentment and hate. One spiritual principle from religion talks about “loving your enemy”. That can’t be done without giving up hate. By giving up something bad, we can make room for something good to come in and may, as a result, see a corresponding change in our bodies.

    The problem here is that many of these bad things are buried and hidden and we won’t necessarily see them or recognize them in ourselves. We can be certain that they are there though, it is a virtually inevitable consequence of living in a world that is so focused on selfishness and less concerned with “loving” others.

    So in order to find these bad things and eliminate them requires introspection, it requires looking at oneself hard and long. However, there is still a problem. When we are searching within our minds, we have to have a standard to do the comparison with. Otherwise, how will we find anything? How will it stand out?

    Let’s look to one of the greatest thinkers of the Western world, Socrates. What did Socrates do with is life? Didn’t he teach others about virtue? Interesting, isn’t it? One of the most influential people in western thinking emphasized virtue to his students. Socrates talked about things like absolute goodness, beauty and truth.

    If someone as great, as well loved and respected as Socrates thought these things were important, perhaps therein lies the key to the mind-body connection. To live a truly healthy and worthwhile life, maybe virtuous thoughts like truth and goodness are what our minds should embrace rather than the negative things modern life finds us clinging too.

    Remember what Bernie said, “I find the patient always has made some drastic change toward a more loving and accepting outlook.” When we embrace truth and goodness, the beauty of life and this vast universe that we live in becomes evident. That is when we can heal our bodies. Real healing happens in the mind.

    This article is for information purposes only, it is not meant to diagnose, prevent or treat any illness or health issue. If you have or think you have a health condition, please visit your primary-care physician immediately.

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