Healthcare Treatment Guidelines

Health is the most important aspect of any human life. Even in this busy world, every person needs to have high fittness in order to succeed in life, and in order to perform well. As health is important you should try and safeguard it in the most secure manner possible. As such, healthcare insurance is very important for every single person in the united states, and possibly in the entire world.

During searching for decent health insurance policy, you may find that there are some insurance policies that require you to appear for a medical exam while others do not need the policy seeker to appear for any medical exam. Certainly, if you do not show up for an exam, you will be higher insurance quote. So, if you have a great health you should choose insurance policy that requires medical tests.

Find an insurance can be tricky, you can check the popular EHealthInsurance website for a quote, or this Insurance Quotes website. You can google for health insurance quotes, and you will find many quotes websites. Fill a quote, and then call you local agent for a bargain!

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  • Health Insurance for children

    AXA have recently introduced a new medical insurance policy just for children.

    The policy will not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions (much like AXA’s Income Protection cover) but does include:-

    • Hospital charges for treatment in a hospital listed in the Directory of Hospitals.
    • Hospital charges for treatment in any hospital in the United Kingdom.
    • Consultation/specialist fees.
    • Diagnostic tests such as x rays, blood tests to help identify the cause of the symptoms
    • Radiotherapy/chemotherapy
    • Operations or other invasive surgical procedures

    You should note that if the above benefits are available on the NHS within six weeks of the date on which the treatment should be undertaken, then your child must use the NHS.

    The policy not only allows accommodation for one parent to stay with a child aged under 11 years that is covered on the policy and a private ambulance, but also extends to include the cost of a nurse to administer intravenous chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, or intravenous antibiotics at home.

    Costs vary depending on the number of children to be included in the policy.

    Furthermore, AXA are also offering one month’s free cover and a £20 M&S voucher when you join online.

    AXA also offer cover for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.


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