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Did you know that menthol cigarettes are much better for you than real cigarettes? This is something that most people didn’t know and the fact of the matter is menthol cigarettes are about 4 times as good for you as real cigarettes are. Something that you need to understand is that the menthol vapors don’t have as much nicotine in them and they are also available without nicotine in them. The great thing about having healthy menthol electronic cigs is that you won’t have to worry about your smoking habits as much as you used to.

Another reason why menthol cigarettes are a lot better for you is simply because you can get them flavored and with a certain amount of nicotine. One thing that you need to always remember it menthol is not extremely healthy, it is just better for you than actual nicotine. My advice if you are thinking of trying to become a little bit healthier is to get a menthol cigarette because they will do wonders for your health, your breathing, and your overall well being.

The last thing you need to know about why menthol cigarettes are better for you is because they don’t give off any smoke, they don’t have the harsh chemicals, and most importantly they don’t have a flame on the end of the cigarette. What most people don’t realize is that by lighting a cigarette you are making that one cigarette about 3 times as strong. If you want to be a healthier smoker then you need to try out menthol cigarettes because they are a lot better for you and the odds of you quitting while using a menthol cigarette are a lot higher than if you did not use them. Do yourself a favor and get something that is going to give you joy and make you healthier for the rest of your life.

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  • What is an Electronic Cigarette?

    With the invention of the electronic cigarette, thousands and thousands of people are finding out that they have the ability to reduce and in many cases quit smoking completely. This invention is probably one of the greatest inventions of this millennium. Cigarettes are the cause of hundreds of thousands of people’s deaths. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people that have acquired some type of cancer that is related to smoking cigarettes. This is more reason for people to give the electronic cigarettes a consideration to their health.

    You can buy cheap electronic cigs and these are
    a type of device that is battery powered and in some cases can be charged. These devices provide a dose of nicotine when inhaled. In addition, these products look and feel similar to real cigarettes. Also, with the emissions of nicotine and there is also a vapor that is released that is supposed to be similar to the physical sensation of inhaling smoke. Many electronic cigarette manufacturers create designs that are similar to that of cigarettes, pipes, and or cigars.

    A very common style is the”pen style”that looks similar to a ballpoint pen. There are also electronic cigarettes on the market that are disposable. Hon Lik , a Chinese doctor, invented the electronic cigarette in 2003. In 2000 the product was released to the public. He worked for a company in China, The Golden Dragon Holdings, when he invented this product. Because of his great success with electronic cigarettes he even changed his name to Ruyan which means to resemble smoking. Some of the components that make up the electronic cigarette are the LED light cover which gives the appearance of an actual burning cigarette. There is the battery which is inside. Most designs contained an atomizer, which is a heating element that produces the vapor.

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  • Smoking is often seen as a cool thing amongst teenagers. In spite of knowing that smoking causes severe ill-effects, most people jump on the bandwagon to smoke cigarettes. In the UK alone, about 106,000 people die every year due to smoking-related diseases. Cigarette smoke contains about 60 cancer-causing substances.

    Smoking addiction

    Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. It alters the function and chemical structure of the brain. Nicotine affects certain brain receptors to produce mood-altering and physical effects. It also causes release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which gives a pleasant feeling. This leads to the brain’s addiction for the same stimulus to gain the same pleasure. Since receptors in the brain are unable to block these pleasure signals, it becomes difficult to control the nicotine craving.

    Nicotine replacement therapy

    This therapy helps you quit smoking without going through nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It comes in the forms of patch, gum, inhaler, and nasal spray. Small amounts of nicotine are released in the bloodstream. In this way, without smoking cigarettes you can get small dose of nicotine in your body to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Gradually, the amount of nicotine is reduced to control the addiction. Nicotine replacement therapy also causes some common side effects such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Nicotine patches can cause rashes and skin irritation . Also, nicotine nasal spray can cause sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat. Quit smoking pills are also regarded as an effective option to help in smoking cessation.

    Champix is a nicotine-free way to quit smoking

    Champix is the prescription medication designed to help smokers quit smoking. Varenicline tartrate, the active ingredient in Champix, works by attaching itself to nicotine receptors in the brain. It blocks the responses of these receptors to nicotine. As a result, there is no release of dopamine and no pleasant feeling. In this way, you do not get any enjoyable effect out of smoking and it becomes displeasing. Thus, Champix can help reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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