If you’re looking to lose weight in 2009 like most people, then you should definitely check out the new acai berry diets. Acai Berry, a natural, high antioxidant fruit, is great at helping people lose weight. It is known for increasing metabolism, curbing appetite, and increase energy levels. Recently, Acai Berry was rated the number 1 superfood by both Rachel Ray and Oprah.

 One Acai Berry diet in particular stands out among the crowd and that is the Acai Berry Burn diet, which many Hollywood celebrities are using to drop weight fast for movie roles. Using Acai Berries have also been known to help prevent heart disease, certain types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. These are several reasons why Acai Berry has been profiled in mainstream media by Dr. Oz and Dr. Pericone.

No matter what your goals are, Acai Berry is a great supplement to help you achieve your weight loss goals in 2009. When proper exercise and dieting is supplement with Acai Berry, there is no limit to the amount of weight you can lose.